Crispian Riley-Smith Fine Arts Ltd

A Copy after Van Huysum

A Cot and a further study of a Street

A Farmhouse at Chavenat

A Forest at Compigne

A Landscape

A Landscape at Evette

A Maid sewing by a Lamp

A Market in Rouen

A Mother holding a Baby

A Woman sewing outside her House

A Woodland at Soutenas

Bust-length portrait of a woman

Copies after Old Masters

Copy after an old master

Copy after an Old Master

Copy after an Old Master

Cottages at Bouvier

Figures boating next to a Bridge

Figures by a building at Saint Valery-en-Caux

Portrait of a Gentleman and a Lady

Portrait of a Young Lady

The Pont de Sevres

Three copies after Old Masters:

Two copies after Old Masters: Fragonard and another

Women working in the Kitchen

A Mother Nursing a Child

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