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Two ladies

Pompeo Mariani (Monza 1857-Bordighera 1927)

161 x 108 mm. (6 3/8 x 4 in).

Provenance :
Stamped with the studio stamp, recto and verso, numbered 2526, 97/2676 (verso).

Literature :
F. Enrico, Taccuini di viaggio e opera grafica di Pompeo Mariani, Milan, 1997, no.2526, p. 494.

Pompeo Mariani
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Mariani exhibited as a painter of genre, landscapes, marines and pastels. He was the nephew of Mos Bianchi (1845-1904). He travelled to Egypt from 1881-1882. Mariani exhibited in Vienna, where he won a medal in 1888, Munich, Nice and Paris. He was fascinated by life in Monte Carlo and the casinos.