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Blue Tractor on Pink Field

Tom Hallifax (Born 1965)

27 3/4 x 19 3/4 inches

Tom Hallifax
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Tom Hallifax paints figurative work almost exclusively from life. His work ranges from portrait commissions and landscapes to large blow-ups of faces, hands and objects. He studies in St. Andrew (84088) and Fine Art in Belfast (89-92). In 1992 he went to L.A. and Hong Kong as artist accompanying Prince Charles, staying on in Hong Kong to complete a previously commissioned portrait of Chris and Lavender Patten. He has since painted a portrait of Derek Hill for the Prince and the garden at Highrove for the Princes Trust. His work has been seen all over the underground in London (advertising the B.P portrait awards), on television (painting John Diamond) and his gurning face looks down from walls of Paul Smiths shop in Covent Garden. After living in Belfast for seven years in 1990s he now divides his time between London and Donegal, though returned to Belfast in 2001 for a residency at the Ulster Museum.