Crispian Riley-Smith Fine Arts Ltd

Sold Drawings

Jacob Matham

A Lion attacking a Horse

Attributed to Luca Giordano

David and Bathsheba

Tommaso Maria Conca

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Attributed to Bartolommeo Cesi

The Crowning of a Female Martyr

Giuseppe Bernardino Bison

A Pair of Landscapes: A Woodland Landscape with Travellers, herdsman and cattle, a town in the distance; A River Landscape with Fishermen, Travellers and Herdsmen with cattle and sheep

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo

The Apotheosis of Saint Lawrence

Circle of Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner

Felix of Nola hiding from soldiers behind a spider's web in a ruin

Jan de Bisschop

Jurriaen Andriessen

An Arcadian Landscape: A Pool in a Courtyard surrounded by Trees, with a child playing with a Bird and a Figure Seated on Steps with a Dog

Adrien Manglard

The courtyard of a farm with huntsmen, cattle, dogs, horses, and attendants, and a further compositional study (recto); A study of a Head and Leg (laid down, verso)

Flaminio Allegrini

A Design for a Triumphal Arch for Pope Leo XI: putti flanking a shield surmounted by papal keys and Justice and Prudence, and further figure studies

Adrianus de Visser

A Peasant and his Mule approaching a Village

Frantz Schwarz - Head

A woman smelling a bouquet of flowers, a seated woman and a further study of her head, a man asleep and a further study of his head

Frantz Schwarz - Grieving

A grieving kneeling woman, holding a hand, and further studies of hands

Maurice Bisschops

A Design for a Funerary Monument

Maurice Bisschops

A Design for a Funerary Monument

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