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Master Drawings New York


January 23 - February 20 2016 in New York

During 10th Anniversary founding of Master Drawings New York, British dealer Crispian Riley-Smith will celebrate his  11th Anniversary exhibiting at Shepherd / W & K Galleries

NEW YORK Dec 6 – Between January 23 - 30 during MASTER DRAWINGS NEW YORK and continuing till 20 February.

British dealer Crispian Riley-Smith will stage three exciting focus exhibitions at Shepherd/ W & K Galleries at 58 East 79th Street – plus an including a new presentation of an important drawing by Hans Bol.

According to Riley-Smith, “the idea behind the ‘Beasts and Birds’ exhibition is to present to new buyers the affordability of drawings and watercolors, and to show how exciting, interesting and accessible they can be. This focus exhibition, of about 10 works, will include an Otter  by an anonymous Dutch artist, circa 1700; a Ram by the Dutch 17th century Pieter Holstijn; a watercolor of a Bushbuck, dated 1770, by an anonymous artist from Holland, and a collection of six watercolors of birds by Aert Schouman, five from the collection of Lord Fairhaven. The prices start from $1,000. “The watercolour of the Stag is particularly striking; I am delighted to have it to show in New York.”


Beasts and Birds

Riley-Smith’s second focus exhibition, ‘Landscapes and Figures from Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries’ underscores one of the dealer’s core interests and specialties. “It includes a rare showing of four works by Remigio Cantagallina, a draughtsman who worked for the Medici Court in the early 17th century, and comes from a New York private collection; they have not been on the market for 30 years.”  Also included is a particularly charming drawing of the city of Urbino, the birth place of Raphael. Riley-Smith says, “Extraordinarily the view has little changed to that of today.” Also exhibited for the first time is a new discovery of a drawing by the Bolognese 17th century artist, Bartolommeo Passarotti, Four Legs in Profile, dateable to 1560. In addition Riley-Smith says he has a recent re-discovery of a rare drawing by Giovanni Bandini, of A Seated Male Saint, dateable to 1570, and connected to the sculptured choir screen in the Duomo, Florence.


Landscapes and Figures from Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries                    

A third focus exhibition Riley-Smith is presenting in New York comes from ‘The Cesare Maccari Collection of Chinese Watercolors.’   It is a unique collection of 44 watercolors of birds, fish, botanicals, and figures from the collection of the Italian 19th century artist-collector, and date to the early 19th century. “All the works are in a uniquely fresh condition and are drawn by a number of different Chinese artists,” Riley-Smith says.


The Cesare Maccari Collection of Chinese Watercolours

A highlight of Riley-Smith’s exhibition in New York is ‘Hans Bol: a new presentation,’ with an important drawing of The Crucifixion that has been newly framed in a specially made bespoke portable triptych. Riley-Smith says “This exciting new presentation represents the first showing of the drawing as it might have been shown to collectors. Our central panel drawing, and the two side panel drawings, which come from the collection of two museums (though are reproduced in facsimile), show how this group may have been presented to collectors by Hans Bol. Four other variants are known of this composition, and it is my belief that this was clearly a popular motif to Hans Bol’s clients, and that he reproduced this composition, possibly presenting them in this way.” The price of this drawing is around $350,000.

Hans Bol: a new presentation


Pieter Holsteyn II (circa 1614-1673): A Ram, Signed with monogram ‘PH fe’, black chalk, pen and grey ink and watercolour, 149 x 181 mm. (5? x 7¼ in.)

Dutch School, circa 1700: Studies of an Otter, and further studies of its paws and webbed feet, pencil, grey and brown wash and brush, 163 x 157 mm. (6 x 6¼ in)

Dutch School, 1770: A Stag standing on a Dias, decorated with Foliage, signed and dated ‘D.D:P.1770’, pencil, pen and brown ink and watercolor, 306 x 215 mm. (12 x 8½ in)

Aert Schouman (1710-1792): A Black-tailed Godwit [Limosa limosa], pencil, pen and ink and watercolor, 357 x 247 mm. (14 x 9¾ in.)

Remigio Cantagallina (circa 1582-1656): A View of Urbino, Italy, inscribed ‘Vrbino.’, pen and brown ink, pen and brown ink framing lines, 142 x 220 mm. (5 5/8 x 8 5/8 in.)

Bartolomeo Passerotti (1529-1592): Studies of Four Legs in Profile, one an Ecorché study, seen from behind, circa 1560, black chalk underdrawing, pen and brown ink, 282 x 208 mm. (11 x 8 1/8 in.)

Giovanni di Benedetto Bandini, called Giovanni dell'Opera (1540-1599):  A Seated Male Saint, black chalk, pen and brown ink, 335 x 213 mm. (12¾ x 8 3/8 in.)

Chinese School, 19th Century, circa 1850: Portrait of a Woman Playing a Pipa, watercolor, in an inscribed blue oval, heightened with gold, on white handmade uncoated laid paper , 250 x 210 mm (9 7/8  x 8¼ in).

Hans Bol  (1534-1593): The Crucifixion, signed and dated ‘H Bol/ 1573’, pen and brown ink and brown wash and two shades of grey wash heightened with white, incised for transfer on laid paper, 273 x 198 mm. (10¾ x 7¾ in.)

Gallery location: Shepherd and W & K Galleries, 58 East 79th Street, New York, N.Y. 10075, Tel: + 1 212 861 4050, between Park and Madison. Gallery hours during Master Drawings New York: Open daily to the public, including Saturdays, 11am till 6pm, otherwise by appointment.