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W.D. Christie

John Stuart Mill And Mr. Abraham Hayward, Q.C. A Reply About Mill To A Letter To The Rev.Stopford Brooke, Privately Circulated And Actually Published

CHRISTIE,W.D. John Stuart Mill and Mr. Abraham Hayward, Q.C. A reply about Mill to a letter to the Rev.Stopford Brooke, privately circulated and actually published. London, Henry S.King & Co. 1873

Octavo, half calf, marbled boards pp.47

First edition. Abraham Hayward [1801-1884], strongly Tory and a bitter critic of Mill, had circulated a letter about Mill and birth-control leaflets and other suggestions of immorality to prevent Mill being buried in Westminster Abbey. Christie, in this pamphlet, defends Mill's reputation from these 'slurs...of an ignoble letter'. "It is part of the wickedness of the accusation that the accuser knew the subject-matters to be such that Mr Mill's friends, however certain of the real strength of the case, would be reluctant to touch them".

Packe, Life of John Stuart Mill, p.72


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