Joos Daneels
before 1618-after 1663 Antwerp
A design for a Chapel

PROVENANCE: An unidentified collector's mark (Frits Lugt 642b), though Fuhring identifies this as Constant Troyon (1810-1865).

Jean-Joseph-Marie-Anatole Marquet de Vasselot (1840-1904) (Frits Lugt 2499).

P. Leroux, 1968.

Lodewijk Houthakker (his mark, not in Frits Lugt)

With inscription 'Daneels' (lower right corner)

Red wash, red chalk, heightened with white, pen and brown ink framing lines, fragmentary watermark

208 x 139 mm (8 x 5 in.)

According to Peter Fuhring Daneels is recorded as a painter active in Antwerp, who was a pupil from 1618-9 and master painter from 1627-8. Between 1640 and 1666 he registered several pupils at the Guild.

Also Fuhring has noted <i>'the architectural frame with an embossed pilaster and herm is in the mannerist style of the Northern Netherlands. The frame is drawn in the same technique as the central picture, suggesting planned execution in trompe l'oeil.'</i>