Lorenzo Lippi
Florence 1606-Florence1665
A Saint gesturing to the right, with another study of the left arm

Numbered 39 in pen and brown ink, upper right

Red chalk, watermark three mounts

398 x 243 mm. (15 x 9 in.)


Lippi initially studied with Matteo Rosselli, who soon acknowledged Lippis talent for what Baldinucci called his pure imitation of reality (del vero). Lippi was devoted to the work of Santi di Tito and continued to copy his work throughout his life, and together with Francesco Curradi, Lippi was responsible for the survival of Santi di Titos simplified Counter-Reformation imagery well into the seventeenth century. It is likely that Lippi entered Rossellis studio around 1620/30. In 1630 Lippi is registered in the Accademia del Disegno. In his early career Lippi worked for the archduchess of Austria, Claudia deMedici and her court. Lippi formed a close friendship with Salvator Rosa during his Tuscan period, 1640-1649.

Our drawing is closely comparable to other drawings by Lippi1.

Professor Miles Chappell has confirmed the attribution on the basis of a photograph2.

1.C. dAfflitto, Lorenzo Lippi, Florence, 2002, numbers 2,7,11 & 14.

2. Written communication 2 August 2006.