Nicolaes Aartman
Amsterdam 1713-Amsterdam 1793
A Winter Scene: Elegant Figures on the Ice in conversation, a couple on a sleigh

Pencil, pen and grey ink and wash, pen and grey ink framing lines

98 x 143 mm. (3 7/8 x 5 5/8 in.)

sold with another drawing by Aartman of 'A Winter Scene: Figures iceskating'


These charming winter scenes may have been part of a larger ensemble of winter subjects, however it is difficult to be certain.

Other monochrome and signed drawings by Aartman are in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle1. There was recently on the market a watercolour of skating scene Winter Landscape with elegant Figures skating and sledging near a Windmill, which is comparable in the treatment of the subject matter and the figures2.

1.C.White and C.Crawley, The Dutch and Flemish Drawings of the Fifteenth to the Early Nineteenth Centuries in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle, Cambridge, 1994, numbers 548-550.

2.Sothebys Amsterdam, 10 November 1998, lot 106.