Etienne Parrocel
Adoration of the Kings

PROVENANCE: P.D. Fraser (as Giacinto Gimignani)

Black chalk, heightened with white, on blue paper, arched top

385 x 271 mm. (15 1/8 x 10 5/8 in.)

Our drawing is a characteristic one by the artist1, and is a copy after the fresco by Franscesco Romanelli in S. Eligio degli Orefio in Rome, of about 1642.

Etienne Parrocel was from a family of artists. His grandfather, Louis Parrocel taught his own brother, the famous Joseph Parrocel. Louis retired to Avignon where he married the daughter of a nobleman. Their son, Ignace-Jacques, the father of Etienne, was in turn a pupil of his uncle Joseph. Etienne, was also born in Avignon and was the pupil of his uncle Pierre Parrocel (1670-1739), who had been a pupil of Carlo Maratta. Etienne went to Rome with Pierre in 1717. His career was to be in Rome and he was known as Stefano Parrocel. His commissions included work in the church of Santa Maria, in Monticelli in 1726; Santa Gregorio de Quattro Capi in 1727. He was elected into the Accademia of San Luca in 1734.

1.Closely comparable to a group of drawings by the artist offered at Christies Monaco, 30th June 1995, lots 67-82.