Jurriaen Andriessen
Amsterdam 1742-1819
An Arcadian Landscape: A Pool in a Courtyard surrounded by Trees, with a child playing with a Bird and a Figure Seated on Steps with a Dog

Pencil, black chalk, pen and brown ink, brown wash, pen and brown ink framing lines, watermark: IVILLEDARY1

218 x 138 mm. (8 x 5 3/8 in.)

Andriessen painted large classical Arcadian landscapes for interior decorations for wealthy families which were hung in large houses in Amsterdam, for example Herengracht 310, 475 and Keizergracht 121. He was also involved in the manufacture of wall hangings, and it is likely that this drawing was for one, though one is not known. The drawing here mirrors his painted compositions, the format had slight variations: a large tree or trees in the foreground would frame a view of further trees and a lake or a pool or classical buildings2. The figures would be quite small and take a minor part in the picture. In our drawing the small figure of the boy in the left hand of the drawing is virtually repeated in a painting3. Andriessen was taught by Anthony Elliger (1701-1781), who also painted classical landscapes. The former enrolled at the Amsterdam Drawing Academy in 1760, and won the first prize in 1766. He was appointed one of the co-regents of the Drawing Academy and taught a generation of artists. His drawings are in public collections, including the Rijksprentenkabinett4 and Leiden University, and the present drawing is particularly close to some in the latter Print Room5, as well as to some from the Van Eeghen collection6. The handling of the trees in our drawing is similar to two signed coloured drawings in the British Museum, dated 17767. Our drawing is in a fine condition and was attributed to the artist by Gregory Rubenstein, and has been confirmed by Charles Dumas and Richard Harmanni8.

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