Johannes Siegwald Dahl
Dresden 1827-1902
Two kittens: one asleep the other watching an insect

Signed and dated (twice) Siegwald Dahl/ Dresden 1850

Pencil and watercolour

116 x 149 mm. (4 x 5 7/8 in.)

This charming watercolour was drawn by Johannes Dahl who was born and raised in Dresden and was taught to paint by his father Johan Christian Dahl (1788-1857). In 1842 Johannes Siegwald became a member of the Dresden Academy and began to form his reputation as painter of animals and landscapes. In 1851 Dahl traveled to Paris and London where he studied the work of the well-established peintre-animalier Edward Landseer. There is an oil sketch of A Monkey stealing food from a Blue & Yellow Macaw also by Dahl in my stock.

In the same year Dahl went to Norway where his family originally came from and became very attached to the country. Throughout his life he made many painting trips to Norway and his landscapes are almost all of Norwegian subjects.

As well as painting genre scenes of animals, especially dogs, horses and birds Dahl was well-known in Dresden for his ability to produce very fine pencil portraits pf society figures in the city. A large number of these portraits are now in the Gemldegalerie in Dresden, as well as animal paintings by him.

Other museums where his work is represented include Hanover, Bergen and Stockholm.