Adolph Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel
Breslau 1815-1905 Berlin
Two separate studies of a Man holding a stick, and further studies of his Head

PROVENANCE: Private European collector.

Signed with initials A.M.

205 x 130 mm. (8 x 5 1/8 in.)

The attribution to Menzel has been confirmed by Dr Riemann-Reyher, from a photograph. She suggests that our drawing is a study for figures in The Piazza dErbe of Verona, dated 1884, which is in the Dresden Gemldegallerie Neue Meister. She thinks that it is possibly related to the poultry or dove sellers, to the left of center of the painting. There are two men in this group, one is trying to catch one of the birds flying over the umbrella, and there is another in the foreground. Both are holding lances or rods, and Riemann-Reyher suggests that our drawing could have been drawn from life, but then Menzel transformed the figures to a younger man in the painting, in particular the latter figure.