Colin Burns
Born 1944
Winter at Bolton Abbey-Yorkshire

Signed 'Colin Burns'

Oil on cancas

29 x 36 inches

Colin W Burns was born in St.Olaves in 1944. From his earliest days his love of the countryside and natural history have been his absorbing interests. The expression of these interest through painting is something he has done for as long as he can remember.

In the 1950s his family moved to an isolated farmhouse on the edge of the marshes at West Caister, near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. It was here that the young artist experienced the wide open skies, the landscape and the wildlife that were to become his early trademark.

He joined the Tryon and Moorland Gallery in the early 1970s and over the next 25 years held 7 one man exhibitions in Cork Street, London an was involved in numerous mixed shows the gallery and at many of the National Game Fairs.

In the last decade his paintings have been sold mainly through auctions in London and New York and now included in important private collections in Europe and USA.

Colin Burns still lives overlooking the marshes in Norfolk, enjoying the marshes and the wildlife, companions which have accompanied him throughout his artistic career.

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