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Arabic printing & Islamic science

Dominicus Germano of Silesia. Fabrica Overo Dittionario. Rome 1636


Fabrica Overo Dittionario. Rome 1636

Introductory Manual to Lingua Arabica

DOMINICUS GERMANO of Silesia. Fabrica Overo Dittionario Della lingua volgare Arabica, et Itliana, Copioso de voci; & locutoni, con osseruare lafrase dell’una lingua. Rome, Congregationis de Propag.Fide 1636 Quarto, contemporary vellum, pp.(10) + 102, Arabic and Italian throughout, title with printers woodcut device, some browning throughout, a....

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Thomas Obicini. Thesaurus Arabico-Syro-Latinus. Rome 1636


Thesaurus Arabico-Syro-Latinus. Rome 1636

Syriac Arabic Dictionary of Elias of Nisibis

ELIAS BAR SHINAYA OF NISIBIS, edited by Thomas Obicini Thesaurus Arabico-Syro-Latinus Rome, Congregationis de Propag.Fide 1636. Octavo, contemporary vellum; pp. (6), 447, pp. (44), Syriac, Arabic and Latin text throughout, woodcut printers device to title, woodcuts to chapter endings, some paper browning throughout, a good copy. FIRST EDITION o....

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 Qur'an. The Alcoran of Mahomet. London 1688


The Alcoran of Mahomet. London 1688

[QUR’AN]. The Alcoran of Mahomet, Translated out of the Arabick into rench. By the Sieur Du Ryer, Lord of Malezir, and Resident for the King of France, At Alexandria. And newly Englished, for the satisfaction of all that desire to look into the Turkish vanities. To which is prefixed, the Life of Mahomet, The Prophet of the Turks, and Author of the A....

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 Qur'an. Mahomets Alkoran. Amsterdam 1658


Mahomets Alkoran. Amsterdam 1658

Second printing of the Qur'an in Dutch

[QUR’AN]. Mahomets Alkoran, Door de Heer du Ryer uit d’Arabische inde Fransche, en door J.H.Gazemaker. Amsterdam, Jan Rieuwertz 1658 Two parts in one volume, twelvemo, contemporary vellum, engraved title frontispiece + (7) + 692pp; (2) + 125pp, a few woodcut initials, printed marginilia. £1,150 Second printing of Qur’an in Dutch, the first....

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 Qur'an. L’Alcoran de Mahomet. Paris 1672


L’Alcoran de Mahomet. Paris 1672

Third French printing of the Qur'an

[QUR’AN]. L’Alcoran de Mahomet. Translaté d’Arabe en François, Par le Sieur du Ryer; Sieur de la Grande Malezair. Suivant la Copie imprimée. Paris, chez Anoine de Sommaville, 1672 Twelvemo, contemporary vellum, (6) + 486pp + (2), title printed in red and black with printers woodcut device, some woodcut initials, some printed marginilia, ....

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 Qur'an. L'Alkoran. Paris 1647


L'Alkoran. Paris 1647

The first French translation

[QUR’AN]. L’Alcoran de Mahomet. Translaté d’Arabe en François, par Le Sieur du Ryer, Sieur de la Garde Malezair. Paris, Chez Antoine de Sommaville, au Palais dans la Salle des Merciers, à l’Ecu de France MDCXLVII Quarto, contemporary French mottled calf, a little worn, spine with five raised bands richly gilt in compartments and label ....

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Andrea Sennert. Arabismus. Wittenberg 1658


Arabismus. Wittenberg 1658

Arabic Grammar from Wittenberg

SENNERT,Andrea. Arabismus, h.e. Præcepta Arabicæ Linguæ, In harmoniâ ad Ebræa, eademq; Universalia, nec non Chaldæo-Syra, (feofum antehac edita illa ab autore) conscripta, exemplis sufficinti-busq; confirmata illustrataq;. Accessit in fine Compendium Lexici Arbici, Radicum & Vocum notabiliorum prae cæterisq, maxime usitatarum, in gratiam tyronu....

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