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John Stuart Mill

Autograph letter signed to John Nicolaus Trübner 1865

Mill’s instructions to his publisher to send 24 presentation copies

Autograph letter signed to John Nicolaus Trübner
Berlin, September 13th 1865

Octavo, 10.7 x 17.0 cm, 4 pages in ink, checks and encilled x’s next to some names and docketed on top of fourth page J.S. Mill Sept.13/65.
£4,000 [plus VAT if applicable]

Newly discovered letter by John Stuart Mill from Berlin to his publisher John Nicolaus Trübner, publisher of Auguste Comte and Positivism 1865, giving instructions to send presentation copies on publication to 23 people and 1 institute providing names and addresses:
George Grote [1794-1871] banker and historian of Greece and lifelong associate of Mill. Alexander Bain [1818-1903] philosopher, first biographer of Mill. W.J.Thornton [1813-1880] author, employee of East India Co. Friend and adherent of Mill’s. Theodor Gomperz [1832-1912] Austrian philosopher & philologist, supervised translation of Mill’s works into German. Max Kyllmann [1832-1867] native of Germany, founder of Union & Emancipation Society. Richard Congreve [1819-1899] founded a Positivist community in London. J.E.Cairnes [1823-1875] economist, Whately Professor of Political Economy, Trinity College Dublin. Thomas Hare [1806-1891] political reformer particularly proportional representation. Herbert Spencer [1820-1903] philosopher. Augustus de Morgan [1806-1871] Professor of Mathematics, University College London. Lord Amberley [1842-1876] Liberal MP, father of Bertrand Russell. Henry Fawcett [1833-1884] politician, political economist, disciple & friend of Mill. J.E.Cliffe Leslie [1826-1882] political economist, Professor Queen’s College Belfast. C.M.Ingleby [1823-1886] Shakespearean scholar. G.Clémenceau [1841-1929] translated Mill’s book Auguste Comte et le positivism 1868, famous leader of the Third Republic. Gustave d’Eichthal [1804-1886] close friend, chief contact with the Saint-Simonians & lifelong correspondent of Mill’s. Charles Duveyvier [1803-1866] leading writer among the Saint-Simonians. Emile Littré [1801-1881] scholar, philosopher, one of Comte’s most ardent disciples. Cèlestin de Blignières [1822-1905] positivist philosopher. Charles Dupont White [1807-1878] French economist, translated Mill’s Liberty and Representative Government into French. Count Mamiani [1799-1885] Italian writer, philosopher and statesman. Pasquale Villari [1826-1917] Italian historian and statesman. Constantin Baër [ ] author of a number of works on government and economics
Unpublished and unrecorded. Mineka records other letters to Trübner later in the year.

John Stuart Mill - Autograph letter signed to John Nicolaus Trübner 1865

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