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John Stuart Mill

Thoughts On Parliamentary Reform

MILL,John Stuart. Thoughts on Parliamentary Reform. London, John W Parker 1859

Octavo, original grey printed paper covers, pp.(4) + 5-50 + (2)adverts + 8 adverts, ownership in ink on cover of Toulmin Smith, a fine copy preserved in a card slip case.

First edition. MacMinn,p.92.

"The political circumstances of the time induced me to complete and publish a pamphlet…part of which had been written some years previously, on the occasion of one of the abortive Reform Bills…Its principal features were, a hostility to the Ballot…and a claim of representation for minorities…I added a third feature, a plurality of votes, to be given, not to property, but to proved superiority of education…It was soon after the publication…that I became acquainted with Mr Hare's admirable system of Personal Representation…I saw in this great practical and philosophical idea, the greatest improvement of which the system of representative government is susceptible; an improvement which, in the most felicitous manner, exactly meets and cures the grand, and what before seemed the inherent, defect of the representative system; that of giving to a numerical majority all power, instead of only a power proportional to its numbers…Had I met with Mr Hare's system before the publication of my pamphlet, I should have given an account of it there…" J S Mill Autobiography, pp.256-260. First published in 1859, this was a political corollary to On Liberty.

Price- £800

John Stuart Mill - Thoughts On Parliamentary Reform

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