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No.1 Jamaica Papers

JAMAICA PAPERS.No.I. Facts And Documents Relating To The Alleged Rebellion In Jamaica, And The Measures Of Repression; Including Notes On The Trial Of Mr.Gordon

JAMAICA PAPERS.No.I. Facts and Documents relating to the alleged rebellion in Jamaica, and the measures of repression; including notes on the trial of Mr.Gordon. London, Jamaica Committee 1866

Octavo, cloth boards, pp.(4), 98, discreet library stamp on the title.

First edition. The first publication of the Jamaica Committee.

"A disturbance in Jamaica, provoked by rage and panic into a premeditated rebellion, had been the motive or excuse for taking hundreds of innocent lives by military violence…The perpetrators of these deeds were defended and applauded in England by the same kind of people who had so long upheld Negro slavery…an indignant feeling was roused: a voluntary Association formed itself under the name of the Jamaica Committee, to take such deliberation and action as the case might admit of…I sent in my name to the Committee as soon as I heard of it, and took an active part in the proceedings …There was much more at stake than only justice to the Negroes, imperative as was that consideration. The question was, whether the British dependencies, and eventually, perhaps, Great Britain itself, were to be under the government of law, or of military licence…" J S Mill, Autobiogarphy pp.296-299.


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